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    XY plot flexibility in Pi Vision


      We would like to use Pi Vision to monitor profiles ( along equipment height for example) of key measurements (like temperature,  pressure etc). Ideally we would also like to see a cluster of profiles for any total time duration of 7 days with profile sampled at every 4 hour for example.


      Another use case is to see pump operating conditions over- layed on a pump curve. That pump curve should also have asset context.


      I do see a Pi Data Array reference in Pi AF but am not sure if that can be read by Pi Vision.


      Currently XY plot relies on creating a table in AF to do some of this which is more of an adhoc feature with limited scope.

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          Hey Bharat,


          1. PI Vision Profile Monitoring along height of equipment - This one is a bit tricky.  For clarity, let's use an example: say you take three temperature measurements of a column, one at the bottom, middle, and top.  Most often, I've seen that these three measurements are captured by three separate PI Points and the relative location of the instruments (bottom, middle, or top) is dictated somewhere in the PI Point name or PI Point description.  We can easily create a graphic in PI Vision of the column we're working with and overlay trends at the relative locations in the graphic for each measurement.  We can also easily overlay all of the traces on one trend for comparison.  If we want to graph these values versus height from the bottom of the column it becomes tricky.  This is because we can't easily pull the information around where the actual instrument sits in the equipment - as I mentioned, I've seen this most often stored in plain text in the tag name or description.  There might be a workaround we could come up with depending on your specific use case if you need to look at this in real-time, but it sounds like it might be easier to use a tool like PI Datalink where you have the ability to manipulate the data a bit more.  Let me know what you think, I'm curious.


          2. Pump Curve - Pump curves are definitely possible using the XY Plot, you can reference this KB for more information on how you can do this.


          3. PI Point Array Data Reference and PI Vision - These can't be read by PI Vision at this time.


          Let me know if you have any questions or would like clarification on anything above.