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    PI Vision Performance Issue


      Our PI Vision website is very slow to respond to each click in IE 11. From time to time, I will get this error message:

      xxxxx.com is not responding due to a long running script.

      If I open the website in Chrome, the performance is good.

      Here are our app information:

      PI Vision 2017 R2 Version

      PI Web API 2017 R2 SP1

      Please let me know what cause this.



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          I just timed the site response time, for each PI vision screen, the average response time is about 13-14 seconds before it loads anything to the page in IE. The chrome response time is about 4 seconds for loading initial contents to the page.

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              Hi Kristy,


              PI Vision uses HTML5. HTML5 best compatible in Google Chrome. so when compared to IE you will get a very good performance and response in Chrome.


              Following are the browsers which support HTML5,

              • Google Chrome 62.x
              • Microsoft Edge 40.x
              • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
              • Mozilla Firefox 57.x
              • Safari 11.0 on macOS Sierra
              • Mobile Safari on iOS11.0
              • Mobile Chrome on Android devices with Android 5.1 or 7.1


              Additionally, for your information and consideration, based on the number of users you need to upgrade your system resources. Below the table for your reference and also refer the  link given below,


              # of Users1 to 5050 to 250250 to 500
              CPU (Cores)448
              CPU Speed (GHz)22.53
              Memory (GB)61224




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                Hi Kristy


                IE is always a bottleneck for PI Vision when it comes to resolving java script. I could also notice that if you using custom objects it takes more time than using default symbols especially objects originating from the drawing toolbar are slower to load than objects originating from the Graphic Library. 


                Would request you to check IE developer tools by opening PI Vision display and press F12. Click on Network tab to check the symbol taking more time to load. This will help in identifying the symbol.