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Disappearing Time Series Data in PI Points

Question asked by jamesk on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by jamesk

Hi there, very new to PI AF SDK and PI itself.


I've used the below example to create a database, build up some elements and create some PIPoints.

GitHub - osisoft/PI-AF-SDK-Basic-Samples: Self-contained and reproducible samples of basic operations using PI AF SDK.


However when i use the WriteValuesUsingAFExample (which writes 10 values to the temperature attribute with 10 different timestamps) i see all the values in Time Series Data dialog in PI System Explorer for a short period of time (maybe a tens of seconds?). After this period of time i hit refresh and all i can see is the latest value.  Whatever i put in the time range i just see the last value - whereas before i could see all the values i added.



This has become very frustrating and i'm obviously misunderstanding something.  I'm trying to build up a database so i can read historical data from a tag and so far i'm not getting very far.


Any help would be very much appreciated