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Timeout error in PI Data Archive

Question asked by Suganya_Ganesan on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by jyi

Hi All,


I could see number of occurrences of below error message in PI Server logs. This happens with other tags as well. My understanding is that this happens when the Archive subsystem is trying to flush the event to archive file while there is a read lock in the corresponding tag.


T:7408 PT(ptid=416209,arcsetno=0,recno=28650,loc=10,flag=8): ptwait tick/timeout=5429/120000, RID|LLL|LC|LI|NAL=0|2|6|0|249 Lock[251].uc=1 threads=8,7408,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

I am interested to know:

1. If this has any negative impact on the PI Data Archive or to the events that are flushed to the archive file.

2. Is there a way i can identify the process/source which is locking these points?

3. Is there any action that needs to be done to prevent these messages?


Additional details:


1. PI Data Archive Version: 3.4.405.1198 (2016 R2). It is a PI Collective and could notice the error in both the members of the collective.

2. The data frequency for these tags is in seconds(10 sec, 30 sec,...) and the data is fetched through OPC HDA/DA Interface.

3. Tuning Parameter values:



Please let me know if you require any additional details to clarify this. Thanks in advance!!