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Unable to connect PI Server from Client Node using ProcessBook.

Question asked by ashiq on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by tmcmanus


your help is required in order to establish the connection between PI Server and PI Client, whenever I try to connect the following message appears on pigetmsg -host=PISERVER -f

unsuccessful login ID: 45 Address (Client IP Address) Name: Procbook.exe   remote credentials used: pidemo Method Explicit login Error -10431 authentication method is disabled by current server policy

trust request from ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,procbook.exe failed

deleting connection procbook.exe

while PI APISNAP is connected from the client but the tag does not exist message appears and at pigetmsg -host=PISERVER -f following event is recorded

PInet accepted TCP/IP connection

no trust is established

explicit login is required for access


I would be thankful for your help

best regards