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OPC Interface Failover not working.

Question asked by swapnil.sawargaonkar on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by swapnil.sawargaonkar

Hi There,

I am trying to configure OPC fail-over, type:Phase 2 : HOT


While creating interface, the Phase 2 fail-over tags are not getting  created and I get an error saying:

"Error Creating failover phase 2 points: Failed to create PI point on the server. [-1]" Generic error or PI 2.x Point Out of range or not defined(Fatal Error)" Three points get created  and the remaining points don't get created. Access to the synchronization file (shared folder) is also OK. If I save the configuration and continue, I see the following error in watch dog window:

"The device status synchronization point for this copy of the interface was not loaded. the tag has not been loaded. Stopping interface"

I have trusts created for both the OPC servers. Individually both the servers are able to communicate to PI servers (HA Configuration).

System: PI Server 2014 HA

OS: Win server 2012