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Archived data automatic update in PI datalink

Question asked by Catherine2018 on Aug 8, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I'm new to PI server, PI datalink and PI Vision and my colleagues and I are working at the moment to understand more the system. I currently want to create a production report using PI datalink excel add-in to retrieve data from our PI server. I want to extract process data each day at a specific time and I know I can used the function 'timed data' to work on this. Doing a single extraction is pretty simple. But here's my problem:

I want to create a report that will update automatically the data when I open my excel sheet and keeping at the same time the old data that was extracted. For example, I want to start my 2018 production report on january 1st, 2018 and each time I open my worksheet I want the data from the current day or the day before to have been automatically updated. The thing is, I have a problem making this work. I configured my timed data function to extract process value from january 1st to a future end time (december 2018), so I thought the day afterward that I would be able to get the updated data if I left the 'update' button activated in the PI data link add-in, but it's not working. I tried the same thing with all multiple values function and I can't get updated value. Instead of using a future end time, I also tried to used (*) as a end time, but it's still not updating.

I know that multiple values functions (compressed/sampled/timed data) create a matrix with a define size. When I understood that I saw that I can quickly manually update my values by using the "resize" datalink function when I click right on the values (see screenshot below, sorry if eveything is in french).


I searched  on OSIsoft Tech Support and I found a forum proposing how to program the resize function in VBA to use this function automatically when a worksheet is opened or when a single button in the worsheet is pressed. Here's the link:

I am currently working on this, but I was still wondering if one of you guys would know a way to update a multiple value function without passing by the 'resize' function.


Thanks for your help !