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Question asked by Bhavesh_22 on Aug 23, 2018
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To get all milliseconds interval data from query.

For eg:

I want to fetch data of time '2018-07-26 07:15:00.543'

But when i try to execute query :


SELECT tag, time, DIGSTRING(CAST(status AS Int32)) digstatus, 

CAST(CAST(value AS Variant) AS Float32), svalue, status

FROM piarchive..piinterp WHERE tag IN ('FBP1200L_In_Temp') AND

time  BETWEEN '2018-07-26 07:15:00.000' AND  '2018-07-26 07:15:00.999'

It will give only one data of time  '2018-07-26 07:15:00.000'


Same if i Changed query time as '2018-07-26 07:15:00.543'

It will give data of same time.

As data is different in milliseconds and for troubleshooting purpose we need to observe data logged in milliseconds.

Please help us to find how we can see logged data of milliseconds also.

Any query which can execute and find value which is logged in particular millisecond from given date range.

As by default its giving data in interval of 1 second only missing out milliseconds data between given time range.