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    Getting Integer Values for Digital State Pi Tags


      Question: My goal is to get the integer value of a Digital State tag.  An example of the digital states for data a 'PhaseID' Pi point tag is shown below.  Using the Analysis option in Pi System Explorer, is there a Cast type or similar function where I can get the actual state number (int16('PhaseID')?) value of the digitalstate?


      Example Pi Tag Name = 'PhaseID'


      Example of Digital states for 'PhaseID' tag are summarized below:

      State Number     State Name

      0                          "Phase1"

      1                          "Phase2"

      2                          "Phase 3"

      ...                           ...


      Alternatively, I can create another Pi point and Boolean logic using PEs to create integers for the different phases; however, the PE results are (non-integer) interpolated values and are not equivalent to the digital State - state number.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to best resolve this issue?


      Thanks in advance!