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    'tag not found' in PI Datalink


      When I try seeing values of certain tags in my PI SDK, i see correct values.

      But when I search the current values of the same tags through PI Datalink, I see "tag not found".

      Not able to understand the reason behind this. Please help.

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          Hi Kiran


          Request you to check root path (PI Server) , Data Item(Name is correct) and Output cell ( different from Data item cell not overridden by Data Item Cell). If you are still facing issue, then check the PI Point security for the points you are trying to access.




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            Hi Kiran,


            In addition to Lal suggestions, can you verify that you are connected to the same PI Data Archive in PI DataLink?



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              James Devine

              Hi Kiran:


              In reference to Sebastien's recommendation -

              In case you are not familiar with how to check if you have the correct PI Server in your set of connected data servers in PI Datalink you can do so by:

              1. In Excel navigate to the PI Datalink plugin on the ribbon
              2. Click "Settings" (upper right set of icons)
              3. This launches the "Settings" dialog box.
              4. In the lower left click "Connection Manager"
              5. Here you can inspect which AF Servers and which PI Data Servers are available for PI Datalink queries.
              6. If you need to add your PI Server click the [Add Data Server] link on the top menu and configure it in the "PI Data Archive Properties" dialog.


              Assuming that went well return to your spreadsheet. Forgive me if you already know how to do this part, but for anyone following this post - to test if your tag is now found, enter your target pi tag in cell A1. Then click in Cell B1. Now click on the "Current Value" icon in upper left set of icon options on the ribbon. In the "Root path (optional)" enter the name of your target PI Server (PI Data Archive). It will typically add "\\" for you. So your target server entry will look like this "\\TARGET_PI_SERVER". Next click in the "Data item(s)" field and then click cell A1 where your tag is entered. This maneuver auto populates that field. If you followed these steps the "Output cell" field will be auto populated with your sheet name and $B$1 (such as 'Sheet1'!$B$1), if not just type B1 that will still work. Then click [Apply].


              You should have a current (snapshot) value for your tag.

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                Hello Everyone,


                Thank you for all your replies.

                I had gone to the connection manager and checked. Everything was correct.

                Then I just closed all my excel files and restarted the machine, and surprisingly it was working fine then. :O

                I still do not know the reason why it was happening in the first place.