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CompDev and other attributes Standard

Question asked by AnantU on Sep 7, 2018
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I recently took over our organizations PI systems operations. I noticed that there is practically no compression of the data we collect 24/7

This is not a requirement and I want to understand more about it. I read online help and watch few videos.

These are the devices we general use to get our data from.

Thermocouples for temperature

Flow meters

Pressure Measurements

Relays & Isolation valves status ( 0 or 1)

PID Loops set point and CV data in eng units or %


General guides would be ok, i don't need exact numbers. Some pointers or thumb-rules is what I am looking for so I can standardize the process here.

What would be typical compression settings for above devices to collect meaningful data and not overload the PI data server unnecessarily.

Thank you