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    RtReport Installation issues


      Dear community,


      I have tried several times to install RtReport (version 4.1.0 beta) on a windows server 16 standard with new installation of Pi historian. I have checked in the "prerequisite" the versions to be used and I have them all or higher versions.

      the Installation seem smooth (server 4.1.0 beta), the role and feature are being installed, however during the installation I get the following message.

      insufficient privileges.PNG

      Then the installation stops and gives me the following log information out of the log file

      --- >>> Setup Module 18

      IsMSIInstalled> Unable to obtain Related Products for Upgrade Code {}. Returned error: 259

      Module (RtReports 4.1.0 v4.1.0) will be installed.


      I went in SMT, checked the security mapping and trust.

      I am connected as PIadmin and have the "proxy_127" trust created for piadmin.

      in PI SDK in the connection options, I have windows security and pi trust as second.


      Could anyone tell me what step I am missing?

      I have "repaired" (in uninstall, you select repair) pi Archive, PI WEB API, PI batchview 2012.