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How can I connect KNIME with PI Archive? Is it PI JDBC Driver a solution?

Question asked by eapriegod on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by jyi

Hello everyone, I'm new with PI environment but I want to try some experiments in order to get it soon... but I got in troubles.


The situation is like this: I'm on the client's side of a real-time database on PI but I would like to do the Streaming analysis from KNIME.

KNIME allows the reading of real-time databases through JDBC drivers, and I found that PI has its own PI JDBC Driver.

The restrictions I have, like I said before, I'm on the client's side and only have acces to the PI Archive Server.


On the other hand, from KNIME platform I have the next window:

As you can see, the Database Driver is the PI JDBC one. The Database URL is the one with I'm having problems.

I'm not pretty sure about how should I introduce the statements.

On first place, I couln't found the protocol for this driver. As an example, for mysql driver KNIME shows me this:

Second, I have the name of the host and port but, It is necessary to add a prefix or sufix to the host name?

Third, what can be the database name, It also has a sufix like .sql or comething like that?


So, in conclusion my questions are:

To connect realtime or streaming data from PI to KNIME, the PI JDBC is a good idea or there are another ways?

If this driver is the only solution:

Which could be the protocol for the PI JDBC Driver?

Which are the rules to introduce the host, port and database names?


Thanls so much! I hope someone could help on something...


Note: with Java 7 version, this could have been solve by the Sun JDBC ODBC Driver, but it is not longer available on Java 8 (I also thought of that as a solution)