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How to add Pi Vision dashboard in angular 4 application?

Question asked by Akshay-borase on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Eugene Lee



I have a requirement that, user should able to see his dashboard created using Pi Vision tool in Angular 4 web application. I have some Pi Vision dashboard URL like (https://my-url/PIVision/#/Displays/9/CPPL_Random_Tag ) which I need to show in web application. One of the way is I can use <iframe> HTML tag to embed the url. Which is not an elegant solution.


Is there any other way to do it? For example, we are using Power BI and Tablue charts in our application. They have provided web api for the same. Is any similar approach available for Pi Vision?

Or is there any API which will give list of all charts / views created by user in pi vision?


Please find attached embedded Pi Vision dashboard using <iframe> for the reference.


Appreciate your response.