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Dynamic Formula Substitutions with Attributes in AF

Question asked by Stuart_Raynor on Oct 12, 2018
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Probably been asked loads of times.....

Can I create a dynamic path in an Attribute, and then reference this path in a formula so I can retrieve the value?


See here:


So - I have created a dynamic attribute (ValuePath) that will change depending on structure and path in which it is used, and I would like to use this to reference a value in the formula.

Here ValuePath has the "path" I want, but I do not seem to be able to substitute this into a formula; Value1 reads A=%|ValuePath%;[A] (I've tried all the permutations, I think) but it complains about "Unknown Attribute".


In "Value" the formula reads:

     A=\SiteXYZ\Pumps\Pump1\Inputs\Amps\PPI_Filter|Result; [A]

And this retrieves the value I want just fine.  But it's fixed reference!  I really want to substitute the fixed reference with a dynamic one.


I have previously been able to do this for Element (using Element substitution) but it doesn't seem to like to do this for Attributes.  Or I am doing something totally wrong!!!!


Any help greatly appreciated!