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    PI AF Contacts and Active Directory


      I built AF and added the AD system to provide user access/emails etc.

      Now, I make a change to the AD (add a phone number) and I cant see the change in AF.


      On the contacts tab in Pi Explorer, I can access the Tools/Active Directory Properties.


      I set the domain_name.dom (with no folder data).

      I enter the newly created Account name and Password.

      Accept and close.....



      How can I force a refresh of the AD Data?

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          For clarification, are you using AF to update information in AD, or are you updating AF to specify the account to use for querying AD?

          Our system is configured as 'Use the account the PI AF Server runs as' and I've been able to search for accounts and fine them, both accounts that have phone numbers and accounts that don't.


          I tried to update my profile data (adding a phone number) and saved the changes; the system didn't indicate the changes were NOT saved, but when checking again, the changes are not there.


          Can you confirm the AD changes did take effect?



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            Hi Julie,


            What version of PI AF are you running? I just tried in the 2018 version and this works fine in my system. Did you refresh the client or tried to search for the contact again? Also, are you certain you are referring to an AD contact (grey icon) and not an AF contact (green icon).