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Add Attribute which increments by one every one second

Question asked by foxhound on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by John Messinger

Hey, I need to add by PI System Explorer attribute of Int32 type that will increment by one every one second in some values range. So far I found out that Data Reference of such attribute should be set to Pi Point and Tag name should be set in attributes Settings. But Tag can be only of Random type (Point Source: R) which changes attribute value by random values in some unknown time intervals.



To get it to work both answers were needed the one provided by Lal Babu Shaik but it couldn't work without John Messinger supplement. Thanks guys.


FInally to get it to work you have to:

1. Create Tag i.e. named 'T1' in Point Builder, set it to i.e. 'L' Point Source (as John Messinger suggested)

2. Add Attributes, i.e. named A1 and A2, set them both as Data Reference: 'PI Point' and Tag name: T1 in Settings of all attributes

3. Create Analyses (as  Lal Babu Shaik wrote)

Here add new variable, as Expression: 'A1' + 1

as Output Variable: A1


Then don't forget hit Play button of created Analysis, CheckIn changes and it should work.