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PI (On-premises) to Cloud (Azure Datalake)

Question asked by mukund.patil on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by jyi

Can some one share the knowledge on below,

1) What are the ways to send data from PI (On-premises) to Cloud (Azure Datalake) , when only PI DA is used , without PI AF configured.

2) If PI Integrator for Business Analytics 2018 (Advanced version) is used then -

i) Will PI be able to send data to cloud continuously (on event based/value changes) ? or within time intervals ?

ii) Is there a limitation on volume of PI data which can be sent using PI Integrator for Business Analytics 2018 (Advanced version)

iii) How is the licensing done ?

iv) Pros & cons of this mode of PI data transfer to cloud , compared with other conventional modes like PI-ODBC, PI web API etc.



3) There is a  POC  using PI  - ODBC ,and for around 1500-2000 tags, it almost takes 15 min to extract and send it to cloud. What could be the reason of long PI data extraction time and how improvements can be brought in here.