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    Export ICU configuration that's in ModuleDB


      Is there a way to easily export PI ICU configurations that are stored in the ModuleDB that are not synced to AF? Using PI SMT I can see all of my interfaces in ModuleDB, but for documentation reasons would like to export these out without having to click on each item and copy and paste each of the values.

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          John Messinger

          You could use the old Module Database Builder add-in in Excel. You will likely need to explicitly add and enable the add-in in Excel. In Excel go to File => Options => Add-ins, and then Manage Excel Add-ins. You will need to browse for the add-in - it's located in \Program Files (x86)\PIPC\MDBBuilder.


          Once you have this you can import the module configuration for each interface from the %OSI\Interfaces module branch. Not sure how useful the resulting output format will be for you, but this will extract the configuration used by the PI-ICU.

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