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Managing alarms in OSI-Pi

Question asked by JFDelcour on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Eugene Lee

Hi everybody,


I'm face to the following case.

We would like to retrieve data from ou entire SCADA/PCS/DCS/... into OSI-Pi.

For the time series, it will not be complicate because the data willbe stored as OSI-Points.

But the question is what to do with "non time series" data like :

- Alarms.

- Audit trails.

- Batch execution data.

- Systems events.

- ...

All those data are "table data" with "a lot of columns".


The data could be stored :

- As a Pi-Point with a value = Concatenated data but then it will not be possible to do analtics on the datas.

- In an SQL Table but then the data will not be available in PI-Vision and RTReports (Reporting for pharma companies ...).


Do you have any use case about this ?


Thanks a lot for your answers.