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    Error retrieving result - PI Notifications


      Hello All,


      In the email sent due to PI notification generation , I get {Error retrieving result} , instead of getting the attribute value from a PI Tag  : This attribute does not have a data reference analysis (this attribute is on another server and domain).


      Any suggestion to get the attribute value instead of this error.


      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,



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          Hi Cyrine


          Error retrieving result may be due to element relationship.e.g. Parent-Child where notification attribute is unable to fetch the result.  In your case looks like you are using external reference to get value. Could you please let us know how value is generated at runtime for this attribute. Make sure notification account has permission to get the value .




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            Hi Cyrine,


            There are a few possibilities. Given you're architecture, I'm suspecting you may be running into a known issue.


            In the PI Data Archive versions below 3.4.415.1188, some idle connections would be closed if they were idle for more than the amount of time specified in the tuning parameter called MaxConnIdleTime.


            The known issue is that the PI Data Archive will close an idle connection from the PI Notifications Service. The result is that if the Notifications service needs to fetch a value from a PI Point, and it's connection was forcibly closed on the PI Data Archive, it would receive an error and output {Error retrieving result} in the message of the Notifications.


            To diagnose this known issue, we would need to confirm the PI Data Archive version and determine when was the last connection done to that PI Data Archive and if the time span exceeds that of MaxConnIdleTime. This can be done by looking at the PI SDK logs on the PI Data Archive (3248OSI8 - How to check your PI Server message logs, PI Client logs (pipc.log), and PI Interface log files ).


            The best solution is of course to upgrade your PI Data Archive if you are running into this issue.


            There are some workarounds. You could configure a dummy analysis that runs at a frequency smaller than MaxConnIdleTime and sends an email with a PI Point value from that PI Data Archive. You could also increase MaxConnIdleTime. However, the parameter is there to close useless connections and you won't necessarily know by how much to increase it. It would be the less preferable workaround, but a possibility.


            If you're PI Data Archive is newer than 3.4.415.1188. You can increase the logging level of Notifications and wait for the issue to reoccur. You should see some useful messages in the logs. Procedure is described here:


            PI Server

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