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PI Vision Custom Symbol Shapes

Question asked by yuzhelu on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Hobbe

I'm trying to create what is called a Duval Triangle (link: A Software Implementation of the Duval Triangle Method - IEEE Conference Publication ) within Vision using JavaScript and HTML canvasing. Currently the program draws out the triangle using html canvas and then uses PI AF data to plot and connect the points in a line on the graph. On update, it clears the canvas and re-draws everything. This is causing a lot of delay processing data, and eventually the program stops working. I dont think this was the best way to approach it. Ideally, I want a static background that will contain the Duval Triangle itself. As PI Values update and come in, older values will be removed as new ones are added, similar to a line graph. Has anyone had experience developing custom objects that accomplish a similar task effectively?



Here is a screen cap of what it looks like in the current stage within PI Vision. The lines inside with points 1 to 3 would move as new data is added. Everything else would remain static.Dtriangle.JPG


Thank you