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PI API will be Deprecated ?

Question asked by inform2prabhat Champion on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Eugene Lee

Dear All,


I am little surprised to see that PI API is mentioned under Deprecated Developer Tools ( Developer Technologies ) similar to SDK and WEB services. I can understand that AF SDK is promoted as an replacement for SDK and WEB API can be used for WEB Services but what about PI API and its replacement ? PI API is still being used everywhere. Example, PI Interfaces still use the same to communicate with PI server. OSI have also released multiple PI API versions (3 versions from 2016 till now) which help us to connect interfaces via Windows Integrated security instead of Trust.


Now looking into al the development going on with the product and the dependency it have with other Major Products, I want to understand what is OSI Roadmap with PI API and what is the recommendation for Customers ?


Note: I am planning to upgrade all my PI OPC and PItoPI Interfaces to the latest PI API 2018 version. This will help to get rid of Trust security and use WIS instead. Whether anybody see any challenge in doing this ?


Jay Lakumb



Thanks in Advance,