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    PI Data Archive - Disk Volume Sizes




      The PI online sizing guide also supplies recommended storage based on PI data points, scan rate compression etc.


      OSIsoft also recommends 5 volumes for the Data Archive server - OS, Install, Archives, Event Queue and Backups. By default, the event queues are automatically written to the drive with the second-most available free space (provided >= 5GB is available).


      Is there an optimum size for the Event Queue and Backup volumes, w.r.t the Data Archive volume? If, for example, I have a 5TB Archive Size (based on the online sizing tool), how would one size the other volumes (assuming the Backup volume will be for intermediate backups only, with these transferred to external drives)?


      I gave seen some examples where the Event Queue disk size is only marginally smaller than the Data Archive size, which does not seem an optimal utilization of the available space.



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          Hi Anton


          Regarding you query related to event queue pairtool -qs will provide your physical queue size. With respect to backup, would request you to estimate archive file size growth in 6 month and estimate you backup drive space. Consider Full backup + incremental for next 6 month also add some space for configuration files.




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            Roger Palmen

            I typically use some rules-of-thumb for these:

            • Backup needs to accomodate your backup size. If data flows in in-sequence only, then your backup schedule (e.g. daily) and your archive rate (e.g.1 archive / day) would dictate your need for backup space (e.g. 1 archive file only). However, i would typically make an assumption for e.g. somewhere between 1 to 6 months of data to be included in a backup at most.
            • Any significant queue size is only required when the Archive subsystem can't write quickly enough. So that should agian be not much more than e.g. 1 day of data max

            Hope this helps!

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