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Moving PI Archives from PI 3.4.380.36 to PI 3.4.405.1198 a

Question asked by RohithRavikumar on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Eugene Lee

Hi PI Community,


I have a requirement to decommission an old PI Server (PI Version 3.4.380.36) running on Win2008 R2 SP1 machine and to setup a new PI server with version PI 3.4.405.1198 (PI 2016 R2).

I am following the PI installation 2016 guide for the installation on the new machine.


As part of data migration i am moving the archive from old server to new server.Is the a guide for this task?


I will have to create PI tags on new server similar to the old server.Should i create the point id conversion file before reprocessing the archives on new server to register them?



Rohith R