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PI AF Takes Long Time to Retrieve Data Reference Values

Question asked by Masoud Al Nayari on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by PavelBulushev

Hi Everyone,


I am not very familiar with PI System yet. Here is my case..

I am getting a problem with PI AF and PI Vision. They take long time to retrieve data.

For example, I have elements in AF with many attributes. Attributes use formula data reference, PI Point, and analysis. When I open PI System Explorer and go to the element to view its attributes, it takes around 10 seconds to retrieve attributes values. During these 10 seconds, it tells me "Retrieving the data reference values. Please wait".

In PI Vision, I have built multiple displays with this data. Some of the displays take couple of minutes before giving any data and some of them never give any data.


What could be the reason of such case?