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PI Server Back Up Issue

Question asked by ReyWong on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by ReyWong

Hello everyone, I am having some problems when configuring PI Server now. Please can give some advice.

We have two PI Servers, one as the primary server and the other as the Secondary server. By configuring the PI SDK and PI Collective to make the two servers a group, the data of the primary server will be transferred to the secondary server. Our server will automatically open the backup every day at 3 am. In the current problem, the Secondary server will always fail the backup, and it will not be able to search the Current Value after a few days and show the error code [-10727]:RPC is  Non-Existent And the Backup error code is [-16915] backup was aborted.

I try to delete the secondary server and try to connect it again , some time successfully, but most time failed.