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    Where do I download the PI AF Client?


      Browsing the downloads page and using Google to find the download media for PI AF Client has been a nightmare.


      I go here: PI AF Client 2018 SP1 (Service Pack 1) is released

      Okay great, there's a link to the Install kit, except I see The file you selected is not available. A newer or updated version may be available.Go to the following link to search for your download: All Downloads.

      Fine, go to All Downloads and seek it out. NOPE, only includes older Install Kits and SQL Server Express.

      I just need a direct download to the latest PI AF Client and it's no where to be found.

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          Hi Mike,


          You can only download our software if your name is associated with a customer site that has active SRP (Software Reliance Program) that entitles you to downloads. From what I can tell, you are not associated with any site or a PI Developers Club member. If you believe this shouldn't be true we can take a closer look. So what you've experienced is expected if what I say above is true.



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