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recovering tags deleted by mistake!!!

Question asked by ClaudioMartinez on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by sraposo

By confusion, I deleted around 5000 tags from a Power Plant PI DA server. After my lost of hope, I found a Procedure to recover data on Data archives (2785OSI8 - How to recover deleted points, or how to restore deleted tags in PI Data Archive ), but, this procedure, said nothing about to do with de primary archive.

I ran lucky, cuz before the "error deleting event", one day and half ago, PI did a shift. So the new Primary archive, from where i did eliminate the tags, only has one +half day of history.


Then I follow every step from procedure to recover, but now, PI Search dialog still shows "Error -2147220006: The PIPOINT has been deleted on the server. Point ID:368 Tag Name:RAP_H5_TURB_BRNG _TEMP4", and for each tags eliminated.


So I need to know what left to do on primary Archive to restore funcionality on tags?

What happen if I Force Shift on the nearby non primary archive? Could it work?


I will appreciate any tips or glue tosolve this problem....


Thank you anyway


Claudio Martinez