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PI Powershell Get-PIPoint- Not Returning attributes in full, or at all.

Question asked by calvinw on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by rdavin


I'm having a hard time with some PI Powershell functionality which doesn't seem to be covered in the documentation available, or any other question on here.


I am attempting to retrieve both the Name, and the Instrument Tag, for all points of a particular point source. This is my current part of the script:


Get-PIPoint -WhereClause "pointsource:=HDA" -Attributes InstrumentTag -Connection $myPI | Out-File D:\test.txt


This gives the output of:


Point                                                       Attributes                                                

-----                                                       ----------                                                

Name: tagnamehere... {instrumenttag} 


Why is instrumenttag not showing in plain text? It also seems to cut the Point name down to 59 Characters.


All I want is the point name without "Name:" at the beginning, and the instrument tag in plain text.


Is there a simple way to achieve this that I'm missing?