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    Multistage Symbol throws Error


      I try to read the limits of an an attribute:


      using a PI Vision custom symbol. I added the following configuration in my js file:


      StateVariables: ['HiHi','Hi','Lo','LoLo'],


      and it does show the option for the multistage, but then throws an error:


      Data Error : Internal Server Error


      in the debug log I find:


      angular.js:12759 POST https://piweb/PIVision/Data/2b9d2801-4a1a-4c67-91de-3b9252571459/DiffForData 500 (Internal Server Error)

      (anonymous) @ angular.js:12759


      If I add the multistage to an out-of-the-box symbol it works perfectly fine with the same configuration. \


      Any ideas ...?