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Percent of tags accepted by OPC as valid

Question asked by kellyam on Dec 14, 2018
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Hello all,


There appears to be much confusion to anyone I speak to about this, can someone please explain to me how this really works.


If I specify in an OPC interface % of good tags for "UniInt Interface Level" failover what does this actually do?


My own opinion from reading manuals etc.. is that if the OPC Server tags drop below the percentage you set as "Bad" then the interface will fail over.


But I have an OPC server with all tags reading "Bad" and the device status is "0" and the interface is not failing over. But I have been told this is normal operation.

I would have assumed the interface device status should be "10" , "Connected to device, not receiving data" and percent of "Bad" values is 100% meaning it should fail over.


This is the snippet from the manual:


"Percent of tags accepted by OPC Server as valid

Specify the percentage of points that are required to be accepted by the OPC server as valid. If less than this percentage is accepted, PI Interface for OPC DA sets its device status to Connected/No Data, which triggers failover if UniInt failover is configured. (/rp)."