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ReferenceError webpackJsonp is not defined

Question asked by AndrewDJ on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by Maccaferri

Hi Guys


I've been trying to build my own PIVision symbol using the new amCharts libraries, however, I'm running into a "webpackJsonp is not defined" error when simply placing their js libraries into the Scripts\app\editor\symbols\ext directory.


I've also tried referring to the online libraries directly in my sym-Test-template.html, however, I still get exactly the same error. ie :


<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

<div id="container" style="width:100%;height:100%" >




I'm no html/js ninja and can't quite work out how to include the webpackJsonp libraries into Vision, although this doesn't make sense to me as I don't run into this issue when using the amchart libs in a plain .html file (outside of Vision).


Is this a library loading order issue? Is there a workaround to fix this?