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Current Value: No Data

Question asked by falk.hille on Jan 8, 2019
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Dear PI community,

I am a PI newbe trying to do first test steps with the system. And doing so I ran in to the first thing I don't understand.

Several months ago I archived historic data via UFL interface from a 2017 measurement campaign. After checking them now (via SMT/Data/Current Values) I figured out that some points/tags still show the value of the last point in time (in 2017) as current value, others show a No Data.

PI vision reveals, that for the first mentioned points/tags the last value is transferred to the current time (straight line in the trend display), for the second mentioned points/tags the line of values stops some weeks after measurement for no reason (at least no for me obvious reason).

Except of Typical Value, Zero, Span and Exception Deviation all point attributes are similar.


Can someone tell me the reason of those different behavior?


Thanks a lot,