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    800xA and A&E interface


      Looking for help from anyone with experience with the A&E interface and connecting to an ABB 800xA DCS. I have communication, some generic event categories and some PI tags configured. Currently i am showing the message and severity of each alarm and event, but i would also like to display the Priority level for alarms. I believe the attribute is call "PriorityLevel" so in my  ExDesc i have /att=SEV,MES, /vsa1="PriorityLevel" what else is neededto make this work, is there something i need to do at the ICU level?


      The event category for example is /evc=666371.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hi Nick


          In ICU request you to set event categories.


          Using VSA1...VSAn in the Attribute PI Tag Identity


          The VSA specification in the /att is a relative offset into the actual VSA offset specified by the /evc command parameter . Consider the following Attribute PI Tag Identity when the startup command line contains the event category definition/evc1=1,601,602,603,604,605 or the equivalent entry exists in the Interface Configuration Utility:

          When /att=COND,VSA602,VSA604,VSA605 is specified then those specific VSAs are archived.


          Note: VSAs requested in this field must be configured either manually in the startup batch file or by the Interface Configuration Utility. Verify correct configuration of the /evc command argument to ensure correct behavior


          Earlier version snapshot:



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              The followup question is how to get the event attributes for the even categories. I have tried to run the command line utility but it only spits out the single area configured for the plant in a .csv and does not output any event information. Not sure if anyone has a table of event attributes for ABB OPC  A&E.

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                  Hi Nick,


                  So, when you run the AEConfig.exe tool, you are not able to retrieve the full list? If not, that can definitely happen, then let me know your specific version of the ABB OPC A&E server you are using and I can look in our database if we have that information. I would suggest reaching out to ABB or getting the OPC A&E User Guide for your version - these should be documented. You can look at piopcae_sample_config.csv, which comes with the interface, to see what a sample output looks like.



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                I use the OPC AE interface with ABB 800 xA and i have sucessfully configured the most relevant event categories!


                I have noticed that ICU has not enough with space for the event attributes in the most important event category. Then you must edit the batch file!


                Here are the event categories i use!


                EventCategory# = -855698137, desc = Process Simple Event

                   EventCategory Attribute(s):

                   EventAttribute# = -1934400133, desc = SourceName

                   EventAttribute# = -1351378791, desc = Class

                   EventAttribute# = -1344792991, desc = SourceGUID

                   EventAttribute# = -281667200, desc = ObjectName

                   EventAttribute# = 1141578067, desc = ObjectDescription

                   EventAttribute# = 1728002418, desc = PriorityLevel


                EventCategory# = 666371, desc = Process Condition Event

                   EventCategory Attribute(s):

                   EventAttribute# = -1994642923, desc = ResponsibleNode

                   EventAttribute# = -1934400133, desc = SourceName

                   EventAttribute# = -1776184555, desc = Flags

                   EventAttribute# = -1381782346, desc = HidingMaskCondition

                   EventAttribute# = -1351378791, desc = Class

                   EventAttribute# = -1344792991, desc = SourceGUID

                   EventAttribute# = -1153463330, desc = ResponsibilitySection

                   EventAttribute# = -1005080327, desc = Shelved

                   EventAttribute# = -929138319, desc = ServiceGroupId

                   EventAttribute# = -873766552, desc = AlarmState

                   EventAttribute# = -846695787, desc = HidingRuleId

                   EventAttribute# = -718014011, desc = ShelvingTime

                   EventAttribute# = -281667200, desc = ObjectName

                   EventAttribute# = -253535920, desc = HidingRuleCondition

                   EventAttribute# = -150170757, desc = AlarmChange

                   EventAttribute# = 47211389, desc = HidingMaskId

                   EventAttribute# = 297910293, desc = Comment

                   EventAttribute# = 376987265, desc = HidingMaskName

                   EventAttribute# = 496402258, desc = ShelvingMode

                   EventAttribute# = 565394243, desc = AckHighTime

                   EventAttribute# = 923458247, desc = ShelvingReason

                   EventAttribute# = 1003727619, desc = AckLowTime

                   EventAttribute# = 1019691562, desc = BlockedRepetitive

                   EventAttribute# = 1107836271, desc = ShelfExpireTime

                   EventAttribute# = 1141578067, desc = ObjectDescription

                   EventAttribute# = 1161313119, desc = Responsibility

                   EventAttribute# = 1342868174, desc = Hidden

                   EventAttribute# = 1638445637, desc = AutoDisabled

                   EventAttribute# = 1642473083, desc = ResponsibleUser

                   EventAttribute# = 1728002418, desc = PriorityLevel

                   EventAttribute# = 1823505001, desc = ResponsibilityId

                   EventAttribute# = 1957068387, desc = ResponsibleUserId

                   EventAttribute# = 2139858547, desc = ActiveChangeTime

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