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Event Frames to transfer to SQL

Question asked by Rozario on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Rozario

Hi Guys,


We're capturing process deviations using event frames in PI System. Event frames work as intended. Problem comes when you need to report the summaries of the events. We have to produce daily, weekly and monthly summary reports on no.of events and total duration.


Kindly advise us on a better solution to derive summaries on the events.  PI Business Integrator for Analytics is in our thoughts but need to think of a economic solution to overcome this reporting deficiency


We've explored following.


1. Using PI-OLEDB with transpose functions and views along with SSRS for reporting. (This is memory expensive as we've to preserve events for a year and applying statistics is quite huge)

2. Using AF-SDK to query event frames and insert into SQL. (This is economical and easier but has legacy and scalability issues)


Please advise if there is a better way of doing !!!!.