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    How to find out  the Timestamp when a value was pushed into a tag?


      How to know when a value was pushed into a tag? For e.g. If one does a back data entry in a tag, is there a way by which one can find out when the data entry was done i.e. Suppose Today at 8PM one enters/pushes a value into a tag with a backdate(Yesterday's 8PM) ,now the tag will have a value at yesterday's 8PM but this value has been pushed today ,In such case how can one find out the Timestamp at which the data was pushed/Back data entry was made?

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          Hi Rhishabh


          If Audit is enabled you have two options as mentioned. If you set audit for all changes then would request you to keep a note on log file size growth. e.g. if you are using analysis and trying to backfill then automatically it will log all the changes for delete and new value and would request you to select based on your requirement.


          PI Data Archive provides two mechanisms for auditing:

          • The PI Audit Database records the data that is added, edited, or removed from specific PI Data Archive database files, as well as other events or changes to configuration that occur in the PI Data Archive. The PI Audit Database satisfies FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 auditing requirements.
          • The Archive and Snapshot Subsystems can be configured to report audit information to the PI Data Archivemessage log. This audit logging can be useful for testing and troubleshooting or for other custom monitoring applications, but it is not a sufficient alternative to the PI Audit Database for compliance with regulations such as FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11. Audit logging is independent of the PI Audit Database and does not interfere with its operation.


          Reference :

          PI Server




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