PI Vision no searching of Data Archive

Discussion created by flost Champion on Jan 17, 2019
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Hope someone can help me out. I installed PI Vision but I´m not able to search the Data Archive and so I´m not able to Display this data. But if I go via AF and put Elements on my Display it is able to display the TAG data.


My PI Vision Overview says everything is all right:


My PIWebAPI says also everything is ok:



The Login to Data Archive was successfull:



Some more Information about the versions I use in my System: PI Data Archive is PI2012 SP1; AF Version is 2018 and PI Vision is 2017 R2. My user account is member of the piadmins group there should be no problem with access restrictions.


I installed PI AF, PI Vision and the SQL Server on the same node. The Data Archive is installed on a seperate node. There is no firewall between.


Within AF I can perform every Action related to Data Archive (e.g. searching for TAGs; having attributed pointing to TAGs and displaying TAG data.So it is Little bit strange why PI Vision is not able to search Data Archive. does anyone have a hint for me here?


Thank you in advance for your efford.


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