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    PI Vision no searching of Data Archive


      Hope someone can help me out. I installed PI Vision but I´m not able to search the Data Archive and so I´m not able to Display this data. But if I go via AF and put Elements on my Display it is able to display the TAG data.


      My PI Vision Overview says everything is all right:


      My PIWebAPI says also everything is ok:



      The Login to Data Archive was successfull:



      Some more Information about the versions I use in my System: PI Data Archive is PI2012 SP1; AF Version is 2018 and PI Vision is 2017 R2. My user account is member of the piadmins group there should be no problem with access restrictions.


      I installed PI AF, PI Vision and the SQL Server on the same node. The Data Archive is installed on a seperate node. There is no firewall between.


      Within AF I can perform every Action related to Data Archive (e.g. searching for TAGs; having attributed pointing to TAGs and displaying TAG data.So it is Little bit strange why PI Vision is not able to search Data Archive. does anyone have a hint for me here?


      Thank you in advance for your efford.


      Kind Regards



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          Hi Flost


          As per the screen shot ,you are part of PIadmin and PIWorld. Would request you to add everyone account in PIWorld identity and test if it is working. You may need to restart PI Web API if changes are not picked immediately.


          Are you using delegation i.e. using service account on app pools? Also would request you to check PI Security i.e. access to PI and PI Vision.  Please check app pool settings and web api settings for the same.

          Recommend to check below blog by Eduardo on PI vision security :


          PI Vision Security Recommendations





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              Hi Lal,


              thank you for your replay.


              I´m using Kerberos Delegation. This is working though This is already working thouout the IIS - as you can see on the screenshot from Data Archive. I´m also able to connect to Data Archive via SMT on the PI Vision Server. I´m able to see all TAGs and everything else I usually see on SMT. PI Web API is able to crawl the Data Archive and is using the same useraccount as PI Vision. That is strange for me.


              Kind Regards