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    How are event frames configured?


      Hi -

      I have followed the videos and exercises on Event Frames. For me, it is unclear how the Event Frames are being configured into PI Vision. In other words, how does PI vision now which events I am interested in and how can I add/remove this events?



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          Hi Rebin


          Event frames generated through PI AF analysis and be visualised using PI Vision. Based on your selection criteria event frame pane on right hide will show event frames . You can also create event frame table to check all the events meeting your filter conditions.


          Create Event Frame Table : PI Vision

          Configure Event Frame Table : PI Vision




          Right Click --> Configure Table -->Edit Search Criteria

          Step 1: Select Database

          Step 2 : TimeBar Duration or range accordingly.

          Step 3 : Set Event Severity, EventName, EventType  = Any

          Step 4 : Asset Name

          e.g. Assets on Display i.e. it will display all the events based on elements mapped on the display(related to symbols).



          Another option where you can specify Name : AD*



          Another Option : If you are using templates then you can select asset type based on the template.


          Step 5 : Set Event State, Event Acknowledgement, Event Comments, Duration = Any (For Testing)

          Step 6 : Search Mode : Event Active in Time Range or Events Entirely in Time Range etc. (Start and End Time of the display)


          Finally Select : Return All Decendants (if required) and click on Apply





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            Eugene Lee

            In PI Vision, when you plot a data item which has an asset associated to it, PI Vision will look at the current time range of the display and show any Event Frames that are relevant in that time context.


            Another way is you can simply go to the Events panel and use the "Edit Search Criteria" button to set your own criteria for finding Event Frames.