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What's the best way of moving an AF database from a development environment, to a testing environment and finally to a production environment?

Question asked by on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by John Messinger

We have issues with keeping AF database in sync between a development environment, testing environment and production environment. Our method usually goes like this:


  1. Export the production database to XML.
  2. Search and replace production PI servers with development PI servers.
  3. Create new database on the development AF
  4. Import the XML of the production copy (with necessary PI server substitutions of course).
  5. Make changes to the development copy of the AF database.
  6. When we are finally happy, reverse the export/import process:
    1. Export the dev database,
    2. Search and replace dev PI servers for production PI servers,
    3. Create a new database in the production AF server,
    4. Import the XML of the new database.


There are a few problems with this, namely AFTables that have connection changes don't always come over as expected and require manual tweaking using PSE in production.


We have also tried using PI Builder, creating Excel files of changes which are applied to development and then run on production. But there are times when we are creating new things using PSE in development and these are harder to capture in PI Builder to be used later.


Are there new tools out there that help manage AF databases among different environments?