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    PI Vision 2017 R2 - Security- PI Web API - Event frame /XY Plot


      Dear All,


      I get this error "Pi web API server could not be reached" on PI vision screen when i try to create Eventframe table. When i refer to docs there are many steps involved to configure security since it is coming under "CPT". I hope i followed the steps but still . It is mentioned in PI Vision 2017 R2 release notes that EF & XY plot is longer under CTP. (below snap).

      How do i get rid of this error and get EF on the display.





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          Hi JavithBasha


          Please note : XY plots and events tables require third-party certificates; they cannot use self-signed certificates. You can configure server certificate and assign to PI Vision and PI Web API or request CA certificate.


          If users connect to PI Vision using an alias or a name other than the fully qualified domain name or machine name, then configure PI Web API to support different origins. Thisconfiguration is required for XY plots and events tables. Use PI System Explorer to update theCorsOrigins attribute in the System Configuration element.


          1. Open PI System Explorer as an administrator.
          2. Click File > Database to open the Select Database window.
          3. From the Asset server list, select the database that stores the PI Web API configuration, and then select Configuration from the list of databases and click OK.PI System Explorer opens the Configuration database.
          4. In the Elements browser, expand OSIsoft > PI Web API > PI Vision Server Name > SystemConfiguration .
          5. In the viewer, click the Attributes tab to see the PI Web API configuration.The installation program sets the CorsOrigins attribute to https://PIVisionServerName, https://PIVisionServerFQDN.
          6. Edit the CorsOrigins attribute to add the alias or other name used to accessing PI Vision through web browsers e.g. https://PIVisionServerName, https://PIVisionServerFQDN.
          7. CorsExposedHeaders : Allow,Content-Encoding,Content-Length,Date,Location
          8. CorsHeaders: content-type,requestverificationtoken,x-requested-with
          9. CorsMethods : GET,OPTIONS,POST



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            Roger Palmen

            Maybe it helps, but as i understood the PI Vision 2018 version should take a step forward and simplify the architecture of the XY and EventFrames symbols, removing the need for a number of these steps. PI Vision - Roadmap Details