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piwebapi webcrawler on PI Data Server: 10400 No read Access - Secureobject

Question asked by AswinD on Feb 6, 2019
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When adding AF databases in the piwebapi admin, everything works fine. They all index and crawl nicely., but when adding the PI:PIDB as a database I receive an error: Unable to start crawl: [-10400] No Read Access - Secure object


When I check the PI Vision Administration overview I did notice that the DataServer keeps having a yellow question mark under its 'Indexed?' column.



I checked a bunch of KB's but none came close to a sollution sadly.

Checked KB01401 - Common solutions for PI Web API Indexed Search not crawling but most of these seem to apply when issues with AF, not with PI.

The Services are running on same account as application pool accounts.

I dont see any issues in the windows logs.

Certificate dont seem to be the problem as thenAF shoudnt work neither I guess.

Same with kerberos

Di!dnt find the 'indexed search service location' though, but as AF is working that should be ok also.


Anyone got an idea how to solve this or in what direction to push me in?


Kind regards