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How to open PDF file on PI process book display?

Question asked by Israa on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by Israa

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to open a PDF document from PI-PB display. I have defined a button for this purpose and it worked, but my issue now is that I want to automate this button to point to the latest PDF document since I know that there will be an updated version from time to time.

My plan is to do it using VBA macros in PB (by an if statement inside a loop to check each time the button is clicked if the name of the PDF file matches a pre-defined name,which is the latest version, and if yes then opens it) but I'm new to the syntax/commands and the program itself and I don't know much about it's capabilities and limitations.


So, what I'm exactly looking for is how to use macros commands to:

- To define a button?

- To open a PDF file?

- and do I need to define my PI server or type a specific command to link the display to the macros?


Any help or thoughts?