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PI Analysis service - High Maximum Latency

Question asked by LSalas on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by LSalas

We are getting a high Maximum latency of 3 hours in the analysis service. Checking the statistics I identified the analysis with this value.


This is an analysis event very simple.

If you check the values for the trigger(Status), you see it doesn’t change very often. In fact, it has not changed at least from January.



Why is the latency so high?


I have disabled the analysis and the latency is still showing the same number for the same analysis. How is this number updated?


What is the meaning of performance counter “PI Analysis Service_Maximum Latency”?


How having this value high affects the general performance? Or this only affect the analysis with high latency?


This has been the maximum latency for the last 3 days. Not changes has been made to the AF database.


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