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Performance Equation does not update its value by clock scheduling

Question asked by Dr.Zhou on Mar 10, 2019
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Performance Equation is the frequent tool I'm utilizing for the initial calculation of raw data. Thousands of them have been employed in my PI system. Lately, I got myself lost in this familiar toolkit.


Odd 1

The clock scheduling is not exactly the granularity I setup. For example, for the clock schedule = 2 seconds, I got ~5 seconds for calculation performed and values updated. ( I carried out the test by accumulating a fixed value to the same point. ) Sometimes, it doesn't work at all.


Odd 2

A certain amount of new points created by Perfrmance Equations do not update themselves. For example, I formulate 100 Performance Equations (clock schedule=10min), while ~80 of them update themselves and other ~20 remain "pt created", when I check them out after half an hour. Those "pt created" points could remain intact a few days, and, for one moment I did not notice, they abruptly start their life in PI.


I know I got the basic settings for Performance Equation right, since most of them could work normally.


These strange things have frustrated me for the last month. Modification to the PI system I could recall are as follows,


1, 20 thousands new tags were add up to the database, while a variety of them were Performance Equationed.


2, the pipeschd.bat was expanded for a few new clock schedules.


Could you please help me out?

Thanks in advance!


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