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    Private bytes monitoring


      How to monitor private bytes for determining the os health ? What should be the threshold.

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          Eugene Lee

          You can use the PI Interface for Performance Monitor for collecting such data.


          With that said, private bytes might not be a good indicator of OS health.

          debugging - What is private bytes, virtual bytes, working set? - Stack Overflow

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            Hi Uma Sharma


            Could you please let us know what you are trying to achieve using this health counter?

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                Just to ensure that there are no memory leaks in our server.

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                    Hello Uma,


                    The private bytes usage of a process depends on what the process is doing and how much resources it requires to do what it is doing. You can't say a process consuming less than 1 MB or more than 500 MB private bytes is unhealthy. If you take a web service process, the private bytes usage will heavily depend on the amount of users connected during busy times. The important thig is that you should see the processes private bytes usage decreasing at less busy times. Sometimes, processes just increase private bytes usage. The fact that they don't release memory resources potentially indicates a memory leak. Problems may arise shortly or after a larger period of time. There is however sense in recording the private bytes usage of processes because in case of an issue, the recorded private byte usage could turn out to be useful information.


                    For processes you consider critical for your operations, you should monitor '% Processor Time', 'Elapsed Time' and 'Private Bytes'. The recording will allow you to detect certain situations by pattern and generate alerts based on the pattern.

                    The PI Interface for Performance Monitoring can be used to collect data from local and remote machines and to record the readings to PI Points.