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    pen/trace colours in PI Vision


      I've been asked if there is a way to run a script on PI vision that will set traces in trends to a pre-set colour scheme. Our PI vision has lots of trends but depending on who created them, they have different trace colours for each pen number. We would like to standardise on the colours for each pen, but the time to do this manually would be prohibitive, hence the question on if its possible to have a simple script which would do the hard work for us.





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          Hi Colin


          Trend color is stored in Editordisplay column in standard displays table. For reference you can check view_displays view in PI Vision display for information related to displays where trend color is applied.TraceSettings for trend in Editor display column tell you about the colour used in the trend. Would recommend to query only in development region by restoring production database .

          Note : Not recommend update on SQL database directly but you can query view_displays to understand where different colours are used in trend.