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Should I Save History for the Event Frame Output Expressions?

Question asked by RickSmithJr on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Dan Fishman

I am just getting around to exploiting the PI AF 2018 event frame enhancements since out mills are starting to deploy AF 2018... I really like what I see so far... The improved event frame generation options and using a variable to output to a specific time stamp allows me to solve the back-to-back event frame problem quite nicely... I am beginning to rework a project completed using AF 2015 that went around the world to generate the required event frames and I can see where the new techniques greatly simplify the logic


Which brings me to my dilemma... I am not currently saving the outputs below to history, so they are only available to the event frames. This forces data consumers out of their PI tag comfort zone, and forces them into PI Datalink event frames or onto the PI Integrator for Business Analytics. I do not feel too bad right now because I am still developing, but will have to deploy for the users soon... The only down side I have seen so far is recapturing the event frames to pick up additions to the event frame template do not appear to work... Deleting the event frame and/or back-filling with the delete options does populate the event frame output values...


Does anyone have an opinion one way or another?