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How to select Time Range from start of day

Question asked by bevanweiss on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Dan Fishman

I'm hoping this is a simple one (although I feel it's a "not supported").


When creating a Time Range configuration for a PI Point Data Reference, I really want the default time period to be 'today', as in from the Beginning of Day (now) until now.

The 'now' part is the default end time for the Value retrieval time range... so I just want to set the 'Relative time' as being the Beginning of Day.


I've tried looking through the documentation (both help and live library) without success on this. It really just says that it should be something like -8H... but then at say 4am, this would include values from the previous day by default (which I wouldn't want).

Short of adding in a PI AF Analysis, and writing this to yet another PI Point (where the visualisation would then reference the current value of this new PI Point), what options are there?


PI Points aren't exactly cheap, and its frustrating to have to use them for what should really be quite simple analysis.