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ODBC connection problems

Question asked by afga on Apr 22, 2019
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I used to connect to to PI via ODBC to retrieve data with my Windows user. Recently, due to an update of the AD of the company, we no longer access via Windows user and we use "pidemo" user.


I can connect to PI server via Datalink, Processbook, AF SDK,.. using "pidemo" user, but I'm not able to do that in ODBC. This is current ODBC config, and I get following error:

[PIOLEDB] [PI SDK] Unable to open a session on a server. Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI system are running


If I remove "Trutes connection" tick, i get following error:


1: None of the configured protocols could be used to connect to the server.

2: [PI SQL DAS NetTcp Channel] The server has rejected the client credentials. The logon attempt failed

3: [PI SQL DAS gSOAP Channel] HTTP Error Details: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden